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VERL repeats fold like the functionally essential N-terminal repeat of mammalian sperm receptor ZP2, whose structure is also described here.

Whereas sequence-divergent repeat 1 does not bind lysin, repeat 3 binds it non-species specifically via a high-affinity, largely hydrophobic interface.

We report biochemical, crystallographic, and mutational studies of domain repeats 1–3 of invertebrate egg coat protein VERL and their interaction with cognate sperm protein lysin.They keep changing according to the problem areas identified and in the process move toward perfection.This chapter will trace the evolution of local governments in our country specifically in post independence time.In several species, including the human, the accumulation of a yellow lipid pigment (lutein) and other lipids marks the transition to granulosa lutein cells.The cells of the theca interna are also transformed into lipid-forming cells called theca lutein cells. If fertilization occurs, the corpus luteum persists and secretes progesterone.Due to its intermediate binding affinity, repeat 2 selectively interacts with lysin from the same species.

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