Yahoo xtra dating

As a fan of Playboy I on occasion go to events such as Glamorcon to meet Playmates and get their autographs.

On Nov 5&6, 2010 I went to the event in Long Beach, California.

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This seems like it would be a good cross representation of what Playboy readers think.Here’s a Yahoo Playboy forum that even talks about which photo of Claire will be on the cover of her PMOY issue ( is from early Jan – only a couple weeks in to the voting process.This has nothing to do with my opinion on who Playmate of the Year should be.Personally, I’ve had to endure nepotism in the workplace and frankly it sickens me.I was particularly excited to meet the new girls from 2010, Olivia Paige, Shera Bechard, and Claire Sinclair.

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