Women who dating crossdressers


Several showed some interest, and 6 were interested enough to go on dates, and one ended up becoming my wife. I have found that heavier women, size 12 to 20, can be very sexy, kinking, and really want a partner who can enjoy what they have to offer.

My wife sometimes steals my clothes, but she loves the wonderful things Debbie can do to her body.

Stated I was a crossdresser looking for a pretty enough woman my size 4 to 8, and that I could dress her up in my big clothes collection. The other problem was that my email then continued to receive spam / scam emails.They might wear jeans and pants all week, but when they want to party, they love to dress the way they know men like to see women dressed.At the same time, having a boyfriend who looks as hot and sexy as she does creates all kinds of interesting vibes at a party or social event.One thing Kate - why not at least talk to those women (assuming they are not hookers or fakes) and see what attracts them to CD? Would you criticize me for being shallow as a 35 year old who has no interest in dating 60 year olds because they're physically a turn-off? I know it sounds harsh to say it that way, but a lot of women do the same as men.I mean the worst that could happen is you may learn something Why are people attacking this? Physical attraction isn't the most important thing, but IT IS IMPORTANT! I do think that women from what I have read and heard tend to look beyond the looks and focus more on what is on the inside, who the person really is.On the other hand, don't resist too much or she might think you can't be controlled and will give up on you.

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