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Bruce glanced over at Walt and surprisingly smiled at him and said. Consider it even." Bruce placed his large arm around Angie and said.

Angie looked at the dress hanging on the back of the door which she bought special for her date that night and decided not to wear any panties at all.

Bruce introduced them as his body guards and looked around the house from where he was standing and said. "Your every bit as beautiful as your brother told me you were and your red hair is just gorgeous." Angie smiled and kept it very short because she was so nervous and said.

"You know I don't usually let people get away with not paying up to me but if your sister is the knockout you told me she is than we will consider this settled and even." Walt tried to form a smile as he listened to Bruce's deep and mean sounding voice as Angie walked out of the bedroom and walked toward the men. "Thank you very much." Bruce was still holding her tiny hand and didn't let go of her as he introduced the two men who were standing next to him as Billy and Donny and said they were his insurance that they would have a safe night.

Angie placed the palm of her hand near her cleavage tracing the line on her skin from the sun that afternoon.

Angie had pale skin, which was speckled with red freckles and had to be very careful not to get too much sun otherwise she would burn.

Walt told Bruce that he could arrange a date with a redhead just like he had mentioned before the game and said it was his sister and he would make all the arrangements.

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