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Dennis Lee Hopper, natty in a light silk suit and diamond pinkie ring, tiptoes across the nursery to the crib. Not with Hopper, 54, the once drug-addled actor who in the 1970s won the running of the Hippie Freakness by a well-coked nose. Lost for a decade to drink and drugs, Hopper returned in 1986, chemically clean for several years and cast as Blue Velvet’s resident psychopath.

He gazes down lovingly as, from another angle, we see Henry Lee Hopper, a 2-month-old bundle of boy, sleeping contentedly. Together the actor and his young wife coo—he over their baby, she over her husband. Since then he has kept busy indeed, wedding a wife, fathering a son and making movies.

These photographs are spontaneous, intimate, poetic, observant, and decidedly political.

You can use this form to report problematic or annoying ads.Although Hopper does see his older daughters often (and even enlisted Marin, a movie script developer, as a bridesmaid in his wedding), he’s no doting dad.“I give him the baby to hold; he does do that.” says Katherine with a shrug.A new edition of this successful book features an exciting collection of 400 vintage prints from the 1960s—taken by Dennis Hopper and recently rediscovered—that brilliantly documents the social, political, and creative highlights from a tumultuous era.Lying hidden away in Dennis Hopper’s home until their discovery months after the artist’s death in 2010, this collection of spectacular photographs, exhibited in 1969–70 at the Fort Worth Art Center Museum, is a testament to Hopper’s prolific and enormous talent behind the camera.In fact, even though he and Katherine went through Lamaze classes together, he was absent again, acting in an upcoming Showtime special titled Paris Trout, when Henry was born.

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