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I can't go by "I HEARD HE WAS GAY" If he didn't say it then it's false I don't believe what I'm hearing. You people are saying that Sherman's gay, and Veljohnson is gay. It just seems that almost everyone in Hollywood is gay.What's next, are you gonna say that Wilt "the Stilt" Chamerlain was gay too? Hollywood in general has a different code of morality than the rest of society.If that person is in some small town where he or she is being persecuted for being different sexually I just don't see how some Hollywood celeb's coming out is going to make whatever intolerant hooligans are troubling him suddenly get off his back. I also believe that the fact that Hemsley is gay has been old news around Hollywood since he first landed the role of George Jefferson almost 30 years ago. Originally posted by Undercover Angel Solomon, it has been a fact that he is gay, and that he is not a shamed to admit that he is a homosexual; the information I saw that he declared that he was gay was on Entertainment Tonight on their Whatever Happen To a few years ago...Originally posted by Undercover Angel Sherman came out on national television that he was gay, and who cares if he is; he should be noted for being a talented actor and not for his sexual preferences. I just always heard people saying he was gay and I never was able to confirm it.I think that more people have relatively conservative monogomous relationships with the opposite sex, but that is considered to be boring by the entertainment media and a lot of them can't relate to that, which is why it isn't shown in popular entertainment as much anymore. It does seem rather inappropriate and odd that Isabel Sanford would "out" him just like that to a total stranger on a tour. I DO know that Sherman is indeed gay, whether that suites all people or not is irrelevant. Simply stating on a freindly level, "Who is and Who isn't".

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I remember one of those tabolids ( Globe I believe ) had a picture of Hemsley with a white male named "Andre" I believe, on its cover talking about the "money troubles" Mr. I remember reading this standing in line at a King Soopers Supermarket here a few years back, ever since then though , little has been said about his private life.Ron Glass always struck me as being effeminate though, so I would not be at all surprised if he announced he had male lovers.But who knows if any of these show biz people are gay, heterosexual, omnisexual or whatever?He has never made any public statment about it though.Originally posted by Moderne29 I've heard it ever since the show was in it's prime.If Sherman Hemsley is gay, he would be a great role model to other gay/lesbians.

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