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In 1890, Walter Law bought James Stillman's 236-acre (96 ha) Briarcliff Farm and further developed it, later using the name Briarcliff for all his property.

Law's friend, Andrew Carnegie, called him "The Laird of Briarcliff Manor"; since the title appealed to all concerned, the village was named "Briarcliff Manor". It is conversationally called "Briarcliff", and often erroneously written as "Briar Cliff Manor" (although historically there has been little distinction).

The lodge held the Edgewood Park School (1936–1954) and The King's College (1955–1994) Scarborough was incorporated into Briarcliff Manor in 1906, and the Police Department was organized two years later.

The Village Municipal Building was built in 1913 and was opened on July 4, 1914.

Law developed the village, establishing schools, churches, parks, and the Briarcliff Lodge.

Briarcliff Manor was incorporated as a village in 1902, and celebrated its centennial on November 21, 2002.

It was surrounded by Walter Law's dairy barns and greenhouses, and hosted numerous distinguished guests, including Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.After the community was incorporated into Briarcliff Manor in 1906, the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad put up a sign reading "Briarcliff West" at the village's Scarborough station.Soon afterward, attributed to the neighborhood's pride over their name, and "cliff".They owned territory as far north as the Croton River.His employees at Briarcliff Farms moved into the village, and the population grew enough to encourage Law to establish the area as a village.It still remains primarily residential and its population is still considered affluent by U. The village has seven Christian churches for various denominations and two synagogues.

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