Who is mandy bruno dating


She is a good woman who is happy with her married life.

She has never been seen her dating anyone other than her husband.

Mandy's contemporary and jazz choreography has been performed on television, in film and on concert and theater stages around the world. program; Celine Dion’s sold-out Taking Chances concert tour; Strictly Come Dancing; and Cirque du Soleil’s My Immortal.

Her long list of credits includes: American Idol; Did You Hear About The Morgans?

Here, have a look at this incredible piece about her!

She seems like an ambitious lady who is determined and serious about her personal life and professional progress. Born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Amanda belongs to Australian nationality.

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She appears to have a tall height and has maintained her body weight by her body figure.

Magazines and Instagram have also helped us view her pictures.

Fans can get more info on her and her biography through internet sites like Wikipedia.

Most women don’t want others to know their age, and in the same manner, she has also kept her date of birth as a secret.

In the year 1990, she graduated from Methodist Ladies' College, Melbourne, from the University of Melbourne. She then began her broadcasting career in radio before making her appearance on TV.

There seems to be no accurate figure about Amanda’s salary mentioned anywhere in the media.

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