Who is barry bonds dating

When they met, she could crush him on an incline, and apparently he loved that.

"He's very animated about it, and very funny," said Mike Sinyard, the founder and CEO of Specialized Bicycle Components, who has befriended Bonds.

Bonds has pleaded not guilty to four charges of lying to a grand jury in 2003 when he denied knowingly taking steroids and one count of obstruction.

Parrella started the day by saying Bonds lied to the grand jury even though the government promised not to prosecute him for drug use if he testified truthfully.

Five men, including BALCO’s founder Victor Conte and Bonds’ personal trainer Greg Anderson, pleaded guilty to steroids distribution after a 2003 government raid on BALCO.

On Tuesday, Parrella displayed a photograph taken from a magazine of Bonds, Conte and Anderson and called the trio the ”Three Musketeers of BALCO,” drawing an objection from Ruby.

Last Friday, prosecutors in the Barry Bonds trial elicited expert testimony describing the physical impact of steroid use.

SAN FRANCISCO - Kimberly Bell, a former mistress of Barry Bonds, is expected to take the witness stand in the slugger's perjury trial Monday and give graphic testimony about changes she observed in the slugger's body at the peak of his home run prowess.

The government's pre-trial filings say that Bell, who posed nude for Playboy in November 2007, will testify that beginning in 2000 she observed Bonds with "bloating, acne on the shoulders and back, hair loss and testicle shrinkage" - all documented side-effects of steroid abuse.

Another government witness, Bonds' personal shopper, Kathy Hoskins, will testify that she saw Anderson give Bonds an injection."I don't see how anyone could not have known, but everybody looked the other way," Bell told the Daily News in 2007. I don't think he ever considered where this would lead, and as long as he was selling tickets, the Giants were going to cater to him." Anderson has refused to testify in the case, a stance that has landed him in prison on contempt charges for the duration of the trial. District Court Judge Susan Illston ruled against letting the jury see Bell's Playboy pictorial, but that the article accompanying it could be shared with jurors.

A heap of evidence has been excluded from the trial because several judges labeled it hearsay in the absence of testimony from Anderson. Illston barred a series of voicemails Bonds left for Bell, some of which portrayed him as domineering and volatile.

The catch is that Bonds’ personal trainer misled him into believing he was taking flax seed oil and arthritis cream. Attorney Matt Parrella called such claims ”ridiculous and unbelievable” and portrayed Bonds as a liar during his first chance to present the government’s position.

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