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Meanwhile, White's sewing machine innovations piled up, including the progenitor to the portable sewing machine, the first furniture-style sewing machine cabinets, the first full rotary mechanism, and, in the 1920s, an electric motor.

Naturally, all of these advances made the company's sewing machines even more popular, so in 1923, White Sewing stopped manufacturing its other product lines and focused on sewing machines and accessories.

Blog update: It appears that they might be charging for these White Sewing Machine Manuals now, but hey, where else are you going to find them?, select “Instruction Manuals” or go to the bottom and click on instruction manuals or go directly to this link: To find your particular manual, you must know your model number to find your White Sewing Machine Manual.(For a White–type in a W then the model number)3) If you need to find your machine’s model number you can use this helpful guide here for Singers at least–it may work on Whites as well: Once you have entered your model #, Click on “Search”.In 1876 the company was incorporated and took the name of While the founder's love was truly sewing machines, and he pursued many related innovations, his sons became interested in other types of machinery, such as steam-powered automobiles.The early days of the 20th century were explosive with growth for the company.White continued to innovate, introducing the first sewing machine outside of its traditional black models, which was made of a magnesium alloy and was also much lighter than its forebears. companies, White turned over its manufacturing for the purpose of producing goods to aid the war effort.

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