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Online safety authorities, Netsafe and the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), issued warnings after receiving reports of emails claiming to have video footage of people in "compromising positions" when they visited unnamed adult websites.

Netsafe has received reports of certain acts performed on a webcam being published on social media.

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Perhaps you can find the horse you rode, and loved, for the week?

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No matter what, it’s a pretty shot of the Guest Ranch and it will no doubt bring back some fond memories. You will need to refresh your browser to see the change.

Females are about 1/3 larger than the males - the females have especially larger feet and beaks.Both parents incubate the eggs and switch several times a day.With this pair, the female appears to have a brighter, whiter head than the male.Click on the "LIVE" button to return to the live feed.Make the video full screen by pressing the double arrow in the lower right.It is too late in the season to disturb the mating and nesting behavior that is now happening in the nest.

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