Vision cocktail speed dating dating for yabb


There's swiping and liking, speed-dating, exclusive parties and clubs, and an app for every type of single.

Yet with so many options, why do we still complain that dating is more challenging, competitive, and romantically ADD than ever?

We believe that every candidate we represent is an extension of who we are as a brand; and therefore also represent us to our client.

We consult with these individuals so as to understand their personality, thought process, vision, goals and most importantly, under what type of environment they are most likely to thrive; we then marry them with organisations where they are most likely to perform at their maximum best.

We will host this Mixer at a venue outside your office and we will invite like-minded (candidates we believe match your culture) for a fast, exciting, informal session.

We have built and continue to build a database of candidates we truly believe in, who are also a fit to our own culture (our set of values they will have to uphold).

Start by including photos, quotes, mementos, and postcards of special destinations or vacation spots you dream of visiting with your partner.

Continue the creative storytelling through imagery of romantic couples, even wedding rings and visual tokens of love and gratitude that speak to your heart.

Similarly, don’t try to pitch yourself for a different position than the one you’ve actually applied for.

If the job you’re applying for isn’t a management position, and you really want to be a manager, it’s fine to discuss this openly with the hiring manager.

We all know the saying: To have a good friend, you have to a good friend. It's these constant flakes, as well as lazy or insincere types, who wonder why they can't find a relationship.

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