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Reaching into her wallet, though, she didn't have any cash on her. She was like, "Actually, I don't."He replied, "Well, maybe you can get the next one." She shrugged and said, "Okay." Later, she asked me, "Is this his way of getting me to go out with him again? This is one of those situations where the universe lines up perfectly to dish out some solid karma. I think the last thing you'd ever expect as an Uber driver is to pick up your significant others side piece from the airport and have to hand deliver them to your SO's place. If his goal was to create the kind of hilariously self-aware and inviting Power Point presentation that'd encourage most people on the internet to hit him with the right swipe.....well, then mission accomplished!You can't help but feel for this girl as anyone who has been involved in a situation where you come to realize a loved one is lying or cheating will know the sinking, burning feeling that she describes. Anyone else out there feel like staying single forever after reading this account. All we need is some video footage from the "Restaurant of Broken Dreams" to complete the live tweeted cringe feast.Lovely eyes, engaging smile, decent height and a full head of hair. When I was wearing my baby goggles, which was pretty much any time there was a nice-looking man around, I’d see images of a doting dad holding a beautiful baby in his arms, as I pushed a designer stroller beside him.

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And they both make plenty of dough, so it's ridiculous to talk tacos. If you don't want to pay because you don't know us, don't ask us out. Today, I am 40, single and childless — but still hoping to become a mother. I confess that on many first meetings, and indeed first dates, my vision was somewhat impaired by a courage-boosting vodka and tonic. Like many modern women, I spent much of my 20s viewing potential suitors through what we jokingly termed ‘beer goggles’.Once we began talking, my mind would race off into a baby-filled fantasy future. Excellent, I’d think, picturing him kicking a ball around with our children. Brilliant, I’d say to myself, imagining him riding along with our toddler strapped on the back.Night Shyamalan-directed science fiction epic due out June 7th.

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