Updating white ginger jar lamps Porncams de lina and mark


(He was wooing me, I got a LOT of flowers that year!Nowadays I prefer an extra hour of sleep to flowers!If you have the money to buy the below pieces (17th c.), would you please get them for me? Color quality is HUGE for me, and I swear, the glaze and depth of hue is just as deep and beautiful in person as it is in the publicity shots. The perfect balance of “tradition-with-a-twist,” they keep my library from feeling a little too steeped in history. Believe me, at 6 (for the vase), these are a steal. If you aren’t convinced that Abigail’s options are the choice for you (read to the end for that extra incentive! Again, she has a rainbow of hues and ginger jar lamps, too, but here are a few of her white and blues. Variations are sign of each piece’s individuality and the human hands that made it. Anyway, you may be thinking, “I can see what is classic about these GORGEOUS pieces, but what in the world is fresh? ), here are some of my other favorite updated takes on these two classic forms. I’m slowly but surely figuring out what else I want to put up there but I’ve accepted that its going to be a while before it looks like my “vision.” To see the whole kitchen tour hop over to this post. Hello everyone (or probably no one, seeing as this is a new business and my very first post :), and welcome to Home Glow!

Many of these are cheap florist vases that I received when my husband was deployed when we were dating.We love this porcelain lamp for its warm, classic looks and elegant details.It features a hand-painted blue on white floral pattern on a ginger jar lamp shape.Lately I have been drooling over white in decor-stark, shiny white.(Like that makes any sense with three boys and a big dog!Since we pretty much go to Lowe’s daily since the move it was a no-brainer that I was going to need some spray paint.

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