Updating the twenty year old dot helmet standard Free web cam 1on1

I like new helmets and different styles, especially depending on my riding conditions.If I’m using a windshield on a long trip, or just riding locally, I interchange helmets—even my old ones that didn’t get much use. I had heard that motorcycle helmet manufacturers recommend replacing helmets every five years, many every three years, but I assumed that was to help them sell more helmets.I was really surprised to find that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends every three years, because they don’t sell or promote helmet brands.

There are no definitive studies that show a helmet is magically no longer useful after three or five years.Some of my favorites I may keep longer if not worn regularly, but once something gets into the 6-year plus category, I’m going to replace it.The question you should really ask yourself when deciding whether or not to replace your helmet is this: if this helmet fit properly, would I trust it in the event of an accident on the head of the person I love most?Many of them recommend replacement from manufactured date. Heat, chemicals, sunlight, incidental drops or bangs, all add up over time.I’m going to start the clock from when I use the helmet for the first time and take into account how often it is used.A Heads Up on DOT, ECE 22.05 & Snell Motorcycle Helmet Standards Implementation of the latest revision to DOT helmet standards looms in May, 2013, so here’s a handy look at the three most common helmet performance standards.

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