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There has always been one universal constant for purchasers of an i Pod – that they would be using Apple’s i Tunes to sync it.The current version supports every type of i Pod except for the i Phone/i Touch.However after a period of time, i Tunes refuses to synch apps and the existing apps on i Pod fail to start.I think apple must be using i Tunes to validate whether license for i Pod firmware was purchased or not, and locks you out if it was not.Dead, empty i Pods Some users are left with completely unusable i Pods after applying the 2004-04-28 updater, which is prompted for automatic installation: One Mac Fix It reader writes "Downloaded and installed the recent i Tunes, i Pod, Quicktime updates via Software Update. i Tunes recognized that the i Pod needed to be updated which it did and appeared to complete successfully.I unplugged and replugged the i Pod per the instructions.However somehow I am locked out of i Tunes Store access from i Pod (even the Itunes store button disappears).

We've since received a significant number of reports indicating similar problems.

Apple has pushed the new i Pod Touch Firmware 2.0 to i Tunes.

All i Pod Touch users can upgrade to this latest firmware by paying a one-time fee of .25.

Updater hung during process, making my ipod unusable.

Tried erasing ipod with Disk Utility and starting over - no deal.

In most cases, when the updater fails prematurely, a non-functional i Pod is the result.

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