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Hi , my root server (Debian) still has mangos (the original) installed and running.

I have applied translation updates to its database system in the past which i really NEED to keep also the events and stuff like teleport NPCs and stuff i created should remain after a update.

Without direct changes to the hero balance, the changes to hero win rates were minimal, compared to last week.

In the aftermath of TI5 the hero was first heavily nerfed and then removed from Captain’s Mode completely in patch 7.00, after receiving a major rework.

The hero was unavailable in the professional scene for over a year now, with constant changes and balance fixes, and it raises a question, is Techies ready for Captain’s Mode?

All supports benefitted from a reduced courier price, and every single hero was hit equally as hard with the starting gold reduction.

This new patch was a lot different to the previous one, focusing on global changes without touching any of the heroes.

While the changelog might look small, it did introduce some fundamental changes that might drastically change how the game is played, especially in pubs.

So there is my question, how am I supposed to update those database?

I`ve got these files to update: 1_UDB_0.12.0_mangos_9582_SD2_16392_389_corepatch_mangos_9583_to_96303_389_updatepack_4_390_corepatch_mangos_9631_to_9763 6_mangos_jail_full_en So, em i just supposed to extract bath file in navicat or what?

Ice Frog himself recently tweeted about changelogs being smaller but a lot more frequent.

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