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This is a highly encouraging theory, as the competition between hotels are often strong due to the amount of hotels clustered in the same area, though this theory may need further statistically backing to be statistically proven.3 As this is the first study of it s art that directly examines the effect of adding hotel answers to customer based reviews, the findings have been very positive.

The findings of this effect seemed to be by far the biggest whenever the hotel answer was in response to a negative review.

Franken’s office said he would give the donations to the Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center.

The move comes the day after the New York Times reported that Weinstein, a major Democratic donor and high-profile Hollywood figure, had been sexually harassing women for decades.

Other contractual services, including some broadband services, now have these early termination fees as well.

Through the qualitative research it was found that consumer-generated reviews was primarily used to reduce the consumers cognitive dissonance.

Furthermore it could be concluded that the substance of the review and the hotels answer, had significant effect on what impact it would have on the consumer perception.

En stor del af word-of-mouth på online rejsesites foregår igennem forbrugernes reviews af hotellerne, og det er derfor interessant at undersøge, hvilken indflydelse reviews har på forbrugerens opfattelse af hotel brandet.

Hotelbrands styrer ikke længere kommunikationen alene på traditionel vis, fra virksomhed til kunde, men bliver i stedet, i talesat igennem forbrugernes online interaktioner på rejsesites som Tripadvisor og Kayak, samt diverse sociale medier som Facebook og Twitter.

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