Updating a bungalow


Simple Shading Techniques - Curved Surfaces - (Plastics and Metals) 3.

Simple Shading Techniques - Flat Surfaces - (Plastics and Metals) 2. Examples - Felt Pens - (Plastics) THICK AND THIN LINE EMPHASIS Thick and Thin Line Emphasis - Shading Technique Thick and Thin line Emphasis - Using Colour Thick and Thin Lines and Hatching Technique Thick and Thin Lines AND Background Highlighting with Felt Pens Thick and Thin Lines AND Backgrounds with Coloured Pencils PDF FILE - POSTER 1 - THICK AND THIN LINES PDF FILE - POSTER 2 - THICK AND THIN LINES SELECTING THE RIGHT COLOUR SCHEME - POSTER - THE COLOUR WHEEL, COMPLEMENTARY AND TERTIARY COLOUR 1.

T-Square and Set Square Exercise COLOURED PENCILS 1. Using Fine and Paint Brush Type Felt Pens - (Plastics) 13.

More Advance Felt Pen and Coloured Pencil Work - (Plastics and Metals) 12.

How can the Harmful Environmental Effects of Packaging be Reduced?

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Printing Effects - Varnishing and UV Varnishing 11. Graphic Representation of Words and Themes (SUN) - 4 7.

Stages of Drawing a Mobile Phone in Orthographic 10.

Orthographic Drawing - Sectional Views ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS 1.

House with Conventional Roof - Two Point Perspective 6.

Examination Question - Two Point Perspective - 3 OBLIQUE PROJECTION 1.

How to Construct an Instruction Diagram Sheet TESSELLATIONS 1. Nets / Developments and Tessellations and Packaging DEVELOPING LOGOS / SYMBOLS 1.

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