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Free text messaging seems to be their major ‘selling proposition.’ Tenth, and we kept the best until last, is Google Hangouts.

We have been using Google Hangouts on our Hacker Hotshot web show and love it.

Sixth on our list, and closely related to Ekiga is Empathy.

Empathy, like Ekiga, has a strong Gnome orientation which incidentally is our preferred platform here in the office, with Back Box our preferred Linux OS.

, we here at Concise Courses are gigantic fans of everything and anything open source (as in all types of open source, free beer et al), and we’ve been using Thunderbird since time immemorial; we just mentioned that because Thunderbird has integrated chat and Instant Messaging into the client for a while now (seems that Microsoft is playing catch-up with that particular added functionality).

Bit Message is based on the same peer-to-peer protocol as bitcoin but, from our research, seems to be very secure, so if privacy is your thing (which we hasn’t really covered in this blog post) then go and check out the platform.

In Summary Clearly the market is getting a little crowded, but let’s face it: Skype is still the Boss.

Two things in our opinion have made the world a tiny place: the 747 and Skype.

Unlike most other Vo IP services which we will list below, Skype is a hybrid peer-to-peer and client–server system.

There are downfalls to being the new kid on the block, however, and the team behind Hangouts is still in the process of launching features such as texting and has started allowing users to make phone calls via the Hangouts service as of July 9, 2013.

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