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The racism and sexual frankness displayed by her father, her sister and her sister's lover during their 48 hour visit all help to test the close relationship that Marion has developed with Mingus.

Unfortunately for them, they are going to have to put up with each other for a while longer because it is only by working together that they have any hope of escaping their sticky situation and returning to their jobs unharmed.

On the Tuesday of November 12, I attended one their ritual services to record my observations for my anthropological work....

With his past misdeeds hanging over him like a guillotine, Brian cuts himself a deal: He'll take down a notorious drug lord (Cole Hauser) in exchange for a pardon.

I have information on the Winebrenner family if any one is interested.

I use and study alot of the Indian ways and try to understand what my ancestors went through and still are in some ways.

He takes Wade and begins the dangerous trek to the station.

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