Trina and french montana dating


I was just going through my divorce so I was just having fun with life.

I wasn’t in a mental space [to be in a relationship].

Well, it's clear that folks got it all wrong because her actual boyfriend's been revealed.

Miami native, Trina, has just recently hit the airwaves again with the release her sexy new single titled ‘Damn’, featuring singer Tory Lanez. When I come back up here, I will confirm to you whether or not I’m doing anything.

It’s a lot of women that need to get their self together. I think him using a different race of women is what made it sound crazy.Now rumors are swirling that French Montana and rapper Trina are an item and have also been spotted taking trips together in a private jet.I guess this is an upgrade from that time she was dating Soulja Boy.I was told that French and Trina were simply working together and he was going to be an executive producer on her new album. Just the other day, an actual friend told me that these guys ARE dating. There are some particulars that I cannot reveal, but they were seen coming out of a hotel in Miami. But now, according to an inside source, it seems like this dynamic duo really are dating!

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