Transexuals for dating guys


Going out on dates can be really fun and exciting, especially once you can start dating as the real you.However, don't let the initial thrill cloud your judgment. The Queer Resources Directory has a great list of dating tips: Find out who your date is.But if I am denying myself now, only to find out in heaven that I was being stupid, I’ll kick myself in my redeemed ass. You’re already familiar with some of my arguments for why that’s true, so I won’t elaborate.(My entire case opposing the idea that God condemns homosexuality—including, most importantly, gay Christians telling their own stories—is found in my book Romans -27 was given in a very clear context.I suspect the question you really want answered, though, is whether or not being attracted to (pre-op) transgender women means that you are gay.

If that’s the case, then it’s natural for you to find yourself attracted to the kinds of women you are, since such a woman affords you the opportunity to experience some degree of homosexual sex without too dramatically challenging your notion of yourself as straight.If she is a woman, then my guilt is false guilt, but if she is a man, then we return to the first question.I totally understand that the OT verses and two of the passages in the NT refer to homosexual practice as it pertains to pagan and idolatrous worship, just as the condemnation of prostitution refers to cultic prostitution.The sticking verse for me is the Romans passage [Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts.Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.In that case your core straightness would remain intact—if, perhaps, a bit adjusted to accommodate the desires of your heart. Bottom line: You fall in love with a Trust in God and his/her absolute love for you; don’t rush anything; discern the steps of your process; be kind.

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