Traditional hindu dating styles


Depending on the particular religion and culture, Indian men wear a Nehru topi, petah, pagri or turban.The conventional daily clothing of Indian men, particularly in Northern India, includes shirts, jeans, suits and other Western outfits.The material, color and texture of traditional and conventional Indian clothing vary depending on cultural preferences, occasion and ethnicity.Image Credit: The engagement ceremony is an important pre-wedding ritual in Indian cultures where the would-be-bride and the bridegroom-to-be come face to face and are formally betrothed to each other by their families.It is generally a one-day affair with the wedding and reception happening on the same day.

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It is also typically worn in full length depending on the region.The function is generally hosted by the bride’s parents and the guests include the closest friends and family.The bride and groom-to-be exchange rings and there is generally a party after the ceremony is over.Men's Indian clothing varies in styles, textures, colors and garments and is greatly influenced by different cultures and religions.Continue Reading Lungi is a short item of clothing that is worn around the thighs like a sarong. Dhoti is comparable to lungi, but it is longer with additional material between the legs. The traditional dress for Indian men is a dhoti, kurta and gandhi topi or pagri.According to Asian Info, many Indian men across all regions in India wear conventional Western clothing, such as shirts and trousers.

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