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I will always try to make time for any type of conversations.

I just ask that you bear with me, if I feel the need to refer you to another listener. In order to be able to devote more time to all of you properly. Please be considerate of other members time as well.

I am happy to speak openly and candidly in an appropriate way surrounding your issues. I'm a trained active listener and I like to support people struggling with loneliness.

As well as happy to share my prespective and insights. I enjoy hiking, camping, reading , talking to new people and making new friends.

You are always welcome to reach out to me in particular.

I am a clinically diagnosed Antisocial Personality.

You will in no way scandalize or shock me by what you disclose.

This goes as well for any individuals who feel they are struggling with some issue that most people would find alarming.

We're on good terms now, he's actually pretty chill. Whether it's big pressing issues or a small chat just to distract you from whatever. I also have a strong focus on personality disorders as well.

However for a number of years I was pursuing a degree in psychiatric nurse practitioning.

Particularly those that fall into the Cluster B personality types.

For any indiviudals who are dealing with dark personality features, or are interested in knowing about my own personal mental health diagnosis. I try to limit my active chats to no more than five at a time. I promise that I will get back to you as soon as possible. I try always to respond promptly and appropriately to all current chats. Most likely there is another member that I am speaking with who I feel needs more special attention at the moment.

If you see that I am available, but for some reason I am not answering your personal request please consider the following: 1. Such as a crisis or issue that I am trying to address in the appropriate ways.

However, I try to apply my knowledge and background in my work as a listener.

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