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), and his smart mouth gets him into trouble, but he's a decent, intelligent man who wants to find the truth and protect the innocent.In that way, he also reminds me of Dave Robichaux in the James Lee Burke Novels.Riordan writes so descriptively, I feel as though I've been to San Antonio and Austin. I would recommend the series absolutely -- in fact I already have. Riordan is a native of San Antonio and this is a Texas tale involving aspiring P. Tres Navarre, who returns home to San Antonio after 10 years in San Francisco.

Sassy isn't the word for it, more like self-destruction, but somehow he comes out the other side of a beating.I've never been to San Antonio, but I felt as though I was there in the middle of the heat through Riordan's descriptions.I enjoyed this mystery right through to the end, and I didn't see it coming until the appropriate moment, but didn't feel cheated of clues at the end, either.Riordan has created some interesting characters in this debut novel. Navarre's brother, Garrett, is a die-hard hippie, marijuana smoker, a Jimmy Buffett fan who is confided to a wheelchair. Riordan also incorporates an up-close look at San Antonio along with the people who live there.I get the feeling Riordan was trying too hard in his first novel, which did win multiple awards.There are too many characters, too much happening and the pace lags in places.

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