Teenage cybersex chat


“If you can match their [male hackers’] skill level and better it, they’ll give you every ounce of respect. It’s when a female comes in and tries to play on her being feminine, that doesn’t get you anything,” says Blueberry, a 32-year-old woman from Brisbane, Australia, who founded condemned.org, another anti-child porn organization.

spoke to more than a dozen female hackers from the United States, Australia and New Zealand for this two-part series.

Last week’s piece (see related story, right) looked at who the female hackers are; this week, we examine the challenges they face. Scene Whores Courtnee, a 20-year-old hacker from the Pacific Northwest, says the prevalence of “hacker groupies” makes it more difficult for true female hackers to get respect.

A note about names: Like most hackers, these women choose to go by online handles. ( There are plenty of women at hacker conventions — they’re just not all hackers. But the female hacker’s nemesis is the “scene whore.” These latex-clad hacker groupies haunt conventions and offer teenage boys cybersex in chat rooms to boost their own self-esteem, female hackers say.

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Fortunately, the few women who break through to the “elite” ranks of hacking find that at the top, what matters is your technical skills, not your gender.

The addict will withdraw; become hostile or silent, lose interest in communication, and social activities.

Partners who become alienated usually become suspicious and find out about the online betrayal.

An affair may be defined as a sexual involvement outside a committed relationship in whatever form that the couple has intended.

The key to affairs are the betrayal of that commitment and the usual act of secrecy in doing so.

Internet and cybersex addicts will normally “survive” relationship breakdown by going further into their unreal world of online reality, cybersex and pornography.

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