Technology and dating statistics


Staff were trained to identify surveys that appeared to be not taken seriously and were brought to the project director to verify that the survey should not be entered.

The sampling goals were : The final study sample included ten schools across five school districts located in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The study employed a cross-sectional survey research design to capture the prevalence of youths' experiences with teen dating violence and abuse, and bullying.

Particularly in regards to cyber abuse; compared those rates across differing subgroups of youth; and examined the correlational associations between such experiences and other life factors.

Youths in attendance at school for the day the survey was conducted in 20, from ten middle and high schools in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

survey data paper and pencil interview (PAPI)on-site questionnaire The Technology, Teen Dating Violence and Abuse, and Bullying in Three States dataset is composed of 669 variables and 5,647 records.

In some situations, texting can actually enhance romance.

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