Tebow dating olympic star pre dating speed dating


"It's a 100% way not to get rejected." While many have pressed Tebow to speak more about his views on hot-button topics, like gay marriage, he has generally steered clear of commenting on controversial political or social issues, preferring instead to talk about football and faith.

Following Jones' appearance on "The Tonight Show," Yahoo!

over the weekend, we had to ask if he'd ever consider joining the brand new XFL.

While the two have been together for awhile, it doesn’t seem like the two are ready for marriage yet.

White told “I’m pretty happy with how things are going and I think a family is a little far out for me with so much going on, but I could see myself settling down at some point.

I’ve just been so busy and wrapped up in the sport.

Contributor Network's Eric Holden said a Tebow-Jones date would, at the very least, make known the quarterback's views on interracial dating.

Tebow, who is Caucasian, has not said whether or not he would consider dating Jones, who is of French, African-American, Native American and Norwegian descent.

She said of her music career: "I play in a band, and people don't see [a woman fronting a band] as much — they just see pop stars, and if you're female you should be a Taylor Swift or something. I represent a different part of the music industry, so I'm at festivals with all the dudes while Taylor Swift's at all the arenas playing for kids.

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