Taeyeon and tiffany dating each other are bridget and shane dating

Minhyuk said that he feels more comfortable on stage without camera.

He asks her if she’s okay, to which she just sighs. Going trip as far as possible is Minhyuk’s way of relieving if he’s in bad condition 100.Though Hye Jung saw Joon and Ha Na hugging, since she was pretty far away, she couldn’t recognize them.She asks them why they decided to call off the wedding and just remain friends, but Yoon Hee tells Hye Jung that it’s none of her business.Since she’s no longer going to marry In Ha, Yoon Hee hopes that Hye Jung will finally stop meddling in her life and that they can be friends again. Yonghwa:”People say Minhyuk is calm but he is a rascal. He hides and disappears like a mouse.” 80.since he was little, Minhyuk loved doing active sports like soccer,baseball,basketball.

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