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Garriott went on to sue NCsoft for fraud and win damages of around million.NCsoft was found guilty of lying about firing Garriott, telling the public he had left voluntarily, which left him less time to sell his valuable NCsoft shares.But Eurogamer did exist in 2007 - you might even remember - when Tabula Rasa appeared.Eurogamer's Tabula Rasa launch review awarded 8/10."In the case of Ultima 8, that was the first game I did as part of Electronic Arts," Garriott said, "and Electronic Arts, their whole success formula is based upon yearly releases of sports franchises just before the beginning of the sports season.Since their whole success and sales and marketing comes from accurately timed seasonal launches, the pressure was very heavy to accurately time a seasonal launch for Ultima 8.

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"We started the game by bringing on a lot of staff by our Asian partner, and we decided to create a game that we believed could be popular in Asia.And in hindsight I look at it and go, if we'd really just finished it properly - even the movement, the jumping that was in the game - had we done it less hacked and more accurately, we would have had a Diablo-style success a year or so before Diablo."Too bad, spilt milk," he rued, "I get the blame - I get the appropriate blame, I'm the top of the food chain. But that's my excuse or rationalisation." Eurogamer didn't exist in 1994 when Ultima 8 was released.Become a hero and fight for supremacy in this brutal yet beautiful world filled with magical beasts, awe-inspring raids, and massive PVP conflicts.Critically acclaimed and free-to-play, Wild Star is a fantastical sci-fi MMO where you can join your friends or undertake your own epic adventures on the fabled planet Nexus!"When we first started [Tabula Rasa]," Garriott recalled, "we had just signed on with this Korean company that had by far the greatest MMO success in the world with Lineage.

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