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Eden Entrance [1]Talk to the creepy hacker 「不気味なハッカー」and prompt him with "Coulomb Junk Yard" ^Use the Keywords you obtain to gather new information. Receive Miracle Meat, Ruuchemon medal, Ruuchemon FM medal and Ruuchemon SM medal.You can clear either in any order with no change to the main story but you must complete both to continue.Point 2: Steal members from the Forums Persuade Zaxon and Demons members to join Rebellion. Point 3: Defeat the 2 Digimon Defending the Gate2 Digimon are guarding the main Asakusa gate in this digital shift area. Point 4: Search around the Main Gate Once Asakusa goes back to normal you'll be able to move around the area freely. Broadway Kuremi Detective Agency Kamishiro Enterprises [1]Obtain and solve SQ12 [Expanding Nokia's Army], SQ13 [Ra Mizehru], and SQ14 [A bundle of roses for Sakura]Point 1: Investigate the Monitor at the Experience Lounge After arriving at Kamishiro Enterprises check out the strange monitor at the lobby.

Just continue to select attack in order to complete the sequence. Once you arrive in "Eden Entrance" talk to all the surrounding avatars. You won't be able to advance in Coulomb until Nokia joins your party. After teaming up with Nokia and fighting Kuromon, enemy digimon will begin to appear.

Be sure to use memory items to increase your party capacity.

If you don't have that, go back to the Digi Lab and digivolve some 'mons.

Then after speaking to everyone around Shinjuku return to the Agency.

Point 2: Gather Info around the Station Once you complete the coffee bean quest go to Shinjuku and speak to Arata and Ryouta and co.

If there is enough demand (and if I feel like it) I may decide to translate the other portions of the guide (Bestiary, evolution charts, etc). If you didn't get items before coming, you can do it now.

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