Speed dating in the church

He was a bit judgmental, but then again, I had been too. Was I looking forward to whatever new surprises lay in store?

He was also hilarious, enjoyed his work, and seemed interested in mine.

On the other hand, a small part of me feared that the room would be filled with ax murderers posing as well-intentioned Catholics.

Then my pen hovered over the space next to Travis's name. Was I glad to have taken a chance, to have gotten outside of myself and to rethink my opinions?

"It's published by the Jesuits," I said, trying to explain the background of the magazine where I work as an editor. But if the guys noticed my perplexed looks, they didn't show it. "So you're Catholic," he said when I told him about the magazine. "No, this one's just a regular NYC event, but there are a few Catholics here," he said, pointing out the guy from the young adult group. At the end of the evening I took out a piece of paper on which "yes" and "no" was written next to each date's name.

I decided not to dwell on the topic of religious life and instead spent the next few dates trading stories of sports and siblings and good books and New York museums. In an Irish accent he asked questions about my job and my life with genuine interest. "You know, we have a Catholic Speed Dating event coming up." I once again attempted to refrain looking incredulous. I sat down and considered which of the guys I was willing to see a second time.

As we waited for the event to begin, I talked to a few small groups of participants and surveyed the room.

I recognized one guy from a Catholic young-adult group in the city.

Next comes the Christmas Eve service; then the New Year’s Eve Watch Night service (and one eye is on Easter that comes quickly in the new year).

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