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It took him 5 minutes to replace the modem when he did finally come. and internet 87.00 and I wanted it disconnected I am sick and tired to death of suddenlinks conning I also am elderly and disabled Isnt 100 a month enough for internet phone and cable which you took everything away but infomercials and the only movie channel is in Mexican Iam English and I was here first.meantime when I call Tyler office they are rude and want to put every charge possible Reply I am right there w/ u about all of it, especially the Tyler office! My email is [email protected] feel free to contact me directly!

After that I was told that I was running over my data (something I have not done in the last 15 years) and would be charged. Sitting at Mc Donald’s to get Internet is better than dealing with them. My services (phone&internet) were turned off no notice which they denied doing. Reply I think Suddenlink needs to do some serious re-training of their employees.

I need someone to get back with me immediately or I will take this to legal. I have filed a complaint with the FCC but this is also a waste of time.

Next step is to write to the Head of the FCC and CEO of Suddenlink.

Today, Suddenlink is the 6th largest cable broadband provider in the US.

The next month still no bill, but knew to call and check.

Now this month still no bill, call knowing it’s due and it’s up .99 again.

They come out to install and tell her they can do it but she is unaware they intend to change her phone number she’s had for 40 years. I go to the office and am told she has signed up for 9 a month.

She can’t afford that so they cancel the new number and tell us someone will be out on Wednesday to get the equipment. You can get your TV, Internet, phone and the whole package.

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