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Carrie Bradshaw, in particular, served as the voice of reason in the group, offering her wisdom and insight applicable to most situations.

Here are 17 Carrie Bradshaw quotes that every 20-something-year-old needs to hear right now: For many, trying to figure out what to do with our life is a challenging process. That is why, in times of doubt, we must turn to the great Carrie Bradshaw and her infinite wisdom.

Dudes didn’t watch “Entourage” and moan about how it lied to them; how the fact that Vince and the boys drink, run around L. having sex with hot starlets, and generally act like douchebags is an affront to males everywhere. Yes, here comes the but: The the more I watch “Sex and the City” in syndication, the more I’m noticing how grating the ladies can be—particularly Carrie Bradshaw.

I happen to really like the character, and I know it’s not news that she’s needy and self-centered, but the more I delve into the series, the more I realize she is—to use her words—kind of an asshole. Which is great in a way—you your characters to be flawed, even on a featherweight show like this—but it’s only recently become super-apparent to me how straight up grating, dense, rude, and crazy Carrie is at times.

If women were tricked into thinking moving to Manhattan meant a faucet of Cosmopolitans, a right to own a closet full of Manolo Blahniks, and live in a brownstone apartment on the Upper East Side—all on a “job” that involves writing 200 words once a week—whose fault is that?

She doesn’t leave Aleksander’s apartment after he yells at her and her friends. “Ten minutes late, that’s the charm of me.” Nope, it’s just rude. Carrie quips that the night is so chilly “for the first time in a long time, you need a blanket on your bed.” Not to nitpick, but who doesn’t have a blanket on their bed at all times? AFTER Big told her it’s something they do alone, and that he doesn’t want Carrie involved. She doesn’t let Stanford come to drinks with the Russian.

She declines Charlotte’s offer to share a cab uptown and sleeps in the Russian’s bed alone after he barks at her friends that he’s too busy to say hello. She lets the politician drive off to Staten Island without her, but then meets him a minute later. She won’t let Miranda talk about the fact that Robert said ‘I love you’ on a cookie When Miranda is crying over the fact that she thinks she’s ruining her life by not being able to say “I love you” to Robert, Carrie says “the only thing you’re going to ruin is your night and mine.” Yeah, she says she was kidding, but it was still a self-centered, bitchy thing to say. Who role plays when their ex-boyfriend is recovering from open heart surgery? When she’s excited to introduce her friends to Petrovsky, Stanford says he’s in for drinks on Sunday—but Carrie says “oh, I’m sorry sweetie, it’s just the girls this time.” Why?

She went there knowing he’d offer her the money, which he did. The more I watch this bratty scene as an adult, the crazier it is—what normal human leaves anywhere because your friend talks to other people?

She starts shrieking like a hyena when it stars raining.

—how it disappointed me, lied to me, provided me with false hope, insulted my gender’s integrity, or made me feel like a female freak of nature because I’m not constantly surrounded by three fawning friends—you might want to move right along.

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