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Or sometimes it’s because I’m in a rush, and not sufficiently careful.Cutting yourself while shaving your head is not normally something to be worried about, though. I’ve heard of a razor designed specifically for head-shaving. Do you have any information about women shaving their heads? Terms that I’ve heard or read include: bald, bald-by-choice, shaved, smooth, hairless, skinhead, Mr. Other terms exist; use what you are most comfortable with.You get used to shaving day after day, and you slip. Preempting this natural consequence of ageing by shaving the head is often the best answer. Many men associate it with a loss of virility, attractiveness, and success. I urge you to go and shave your stomach right now — I guarantee a 6-pack is waiting for you underneath all that fur. Here are a few need-to-know tips for those of you going bald for the first time: Now that you know how to shave properly, it’s just a matter of plucking up the courage to go and do it!

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I know everyone has their thing they like So is a balding guy who shaves attractive or an attractive quality?It’s not that painful, the bleeding doesn’t last very long, and it heals pretty quickly.I don’t normally offer recommendations for how often one should shave.Is a guy with a hairy chest/overall a hairy guy attractive? I have heard some like running their hand over it while kissing, or that's manly.I know its the personality that matters and all but still I have to wonder if the qualities are repulsive or if for some neither of it matters-some say it but don't really mean it. I am a balding guy but I shave my head unless I am at home by myself or sometimes if a girl "says" she likes it, or I go for a job interview or need to be somewhere that I can't wear a hat I don't.

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