Shanghai adult chat


Yes, you can monitor what I say, but you cannot spread my private affairs without my prior consent.

She kidded back: "Are you not afraid of eating too much?All the excuses the bank's computer guys offered were flimsy at best and mean at worst.According to a lengthy report in the Shanghai Morning Post yesterday, the computer department offered three excuses as to why it has to monitor what employees say on MSN.A telephone is also part of corporate assets and no one can seize it as a personal belonging.But does that mean a company can monitor and spread whatever an employee says over the phone? But the proper punishment for using MSN for private purposes is to deduct an appropriate amount of the employee's salary or bonus because he or she is not focused on work.When the computer surveillance department of an international bank in Shanghai monitored and spread the contents of private online chat of a female employee, it undoubtedly violated her right to privacy.

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