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Η ιδέα για τη δημιουργία του προέκυψε από το γεγονός πως όσοι ψάχνουν στο Tinder για σξε της μίας βραδιάς, παρεξηγούνται όταν «ματσάρουν» με άτομα που ψάχνουν για σοβαρή σχέση, σημειώνει η CEO του Casual X, Michelle Li.

Το νέο app, που από σήμερα θα είναι διαθέσιμο σε λογισμικό i OS (σύντομα και σε Android), μοιάζει αρκετά με αντίστοιχα dating apps, όμως θα έχει και κάποια ιδιαίτερα χαρακτηριστικά.

He was the former president of U-SAG and he was a member of a Purity Pledge group. Dale has a Confederate flag hanging on his wall which he took down in Season 2.

In the episode 'Liquid Courage' , Dale was a part of the protest to protect the Remington Herzog Atmospheric Destabilizing Module and was the only person remaining in the sit in protest.

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He endures the rigorous pledge process only to find out that it was a ploy all along to get back at the Kappa Taus and Rusty for their prank during Spring Break.She later leaves saying she knows when shess not welcome.Dale replies with "apparently not" Then, when Dale gives up on finding his "Miss Kettlewell", Rebecca tells him to ask his old girl friends what went wrong.They decide to meet up at the Ohio River Comic Con and Dale discovers that 'Vampira69' is Sheila.Dale starts dating a girl with a retainer and it is implied that they engaged in oral sex as Dale had to get stitches in a mysterious place because of the retainer.In the last episode Laura breafly mentions Dale Lava-Leared her, but the last time you see Dale he forcefully kisses Casey.

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