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While the brothels listed here are certainly not the way to find the cheapest sex in Sao Paulo they are pretty solid value.

These are known as ‘prives‘ and aren’t as luxurious as the above boates.

You also will find fewer women working in them, but there will still usually be 10-30 or so to choose from. Then there are quite a few others around town that generally charge around 100r for a half hour and 150-200r for a full hour.

Some more popular brothels are: Unique is another that is located near Metro stop Sao Judas.

You can use the metro to move around the city and Uber is also here and can really be helpful.

But that is enough about logistics, this is a post about finding girls for sex in Sao Paulo after all.

You should probably try to book a condo off Air Bnb in the Pinheiros area.

Another huge brothel with a ton of Sao Paulo girls working would be Casarao located on Avenue Augusta.Just know that any place you read about on this page is somewhere that you can find girls for sex easily.Lets start with one of the nicest brothels, we are pretty sure this qualifies as a boate.Of course there are many things that will be hard as there are any time you are in a new massive city.If you count all of the suburbs here there are over 20 million people.The room is 70r and the girls will generally want between 250r and 500r for the hour.

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