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(Camus: 1951: 224)” Chapter 3 Dear Diary 20 July, 2016 “Poorness-at least that is not the afterwards of always : for that poorness with Golden rich real happiness from beware—” Three San Kok (Yakob) Chawanlak–Thai-English Translator Thievish from Tiang Ban Hill Across from Yang River Side the Bank-The Little Boat it was traveling.with before ahead enemies’ large battle caravans the fullest military’s assemblies. The control man of wheel for driver was had to land on shore.Should not think for the entire things Gao framed of criticism of to thing should onwards for masterpieces.” Rhetoric of Soundness for the reasons’s Gao philosophies’ era for past therefore with newest art had been replaced; the arts were ended with last for introduced things for all whole substitution.He was the artist for enlightenment for meant to be as the dominance for stating the humanities’ traditions, literature and literacy on worthiness.Buddhism and Taoist Philosophies are the aesthetic perspectives.Eastern and Western precepts are the overviews among artists in the historic events for Gao’s suggestions for languages in cultures and Arts for understanding.The calendar for dates and months for each yearly begins : a performance for acts and beginning from ” how we think(John Dewey) has been as the novels’ perspectives of society and arts my grammar devalued of Asian Journal for Literature Culture and Societal Parties.These; thus far; obviously-perceptually are the times for changes and of its for arts recording for histories cultures.

Could or not affirm for the world for creation of elegance, the reality for certain aspects it is not art exacts.Concrete; denotes all thinkers applies for themselves with acts to signify matters. Forster in aspects of the novel (1927) living in the same place.Abstract : defines thoughts with direct issues for critical ways for acts and modes of immediate to pass validity. (Gao’s Work) this is the representation for Albert Camus.said; (from Ch’ang-shan came a captain, tiger bold) Because of the eastern side way for there a mountainous line; stands on the little pavilion of one Ch’ang-shan’s corpse.That has been into everyone’s memories, “Marquis of Shun-P’ing, Chao-Tzulung-Yun” “Death for Huang-Ho and Yang Zi would fall rain of tears to stream overflows; thanks for one king man sadden of kneeling down crying the great so grande.” Once time in the years ago, his little majesty was a baby sleeping inside the armor of his Ch’ang-shan Captain, since three o’clock in the dawn until three o’clock in the another day for the safe-guardian’s leaning on.” Shouting burst into no more smile with frail; Kong Beng; the martial man of forth sight coming-signs to let know before time he the cup of sa-ke drunk was out released from hand.News and Differences :there; a published press a mass media has been the appreciative meant to passages insights.

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