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Teen dating violence affects both males and females, and the damage the violence causes has profound consequences.These consequences can follow the victim throughout their lives.” I have learned to watch how I treat myself in relationships; the more loving I am to me the more loving I am able to be with the other person. What are some tangible steps or guidelines young adults can follow that will lead them to more self-love and acceptance? I have an amazing circle of friends, coaches and teachers who help me feel supported.We often depend on romantic relationships to be the one source of love in our lives– that’s not how it has to be; there are so many ways to get support and feel love…And Katie, I’m not in love with myself at all times, I’m a human being and I get mad, frustrated and everything else with myself, but when I do feel like that, I reach out to my support system. The “Who am I” question is not based on what you do or who you are with.Everyone who is consciously on a path of personal growth has their story of how they got there.

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Love should never hurt, but statistics show 1 in 3 teens are the victim of teen dating violence.Knowing who you are from an intrinsic place and not an external source is so important.Answering this question allows us to look at the other questions [What do I want and how do I get it?Define, educate, prevent, and protect; four of the most important teen dating buzz words needed to end the violence.Become empowered, learn about teen dating violence and strategies for protection and prevention.CH: Well if you haven’t had a period of life being single, happy and complete with nothing missing, you have got to experience it. Despite how far we have come, there is still a tendency for all of us to get lost with men and forget our purpose.

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