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Learning How to Win the Game In order to teach them both what one another needed in order to feel loved, I taught them both about my H. When I asked why, he said he was stunned because for 29 years, his experience was that she either flinched or stiffened when he touched her so he did everything he could to NOT cause that reaction.The reality was there was still some unhealed trauma from her previous abuse that was still being triggered so I helped them understand how to heal that…and in my next session, I worked one-on-one with her to resolve that.She had done some counseling but some of it was so bad, it literally did more harm than good.Through it all, her husband has stood by her side, protected her and their family and loved her through it all.

It was in that environment that Dave met his amazing wife, Katrina, a fellow Senior Leader and relationship trainer.Yep, that Human Touch is powerful stuff…Check out these kind words from my client herself:“I had had the benefit of life coaching but one area I was not happy with or making progress in was my relationship and after failed counseling a few years back, my hubby wanted nothing to do with coaching or talking to any so called experts.I was at my wit’s end and had actually walked out on our 29 year marriage which just happened to be the catalyst for change and my hubby finally agreed to relationship coaching with Dave.By combining advertising expertise with a deep understanding of human behavior, the book offers an in-depth – and effective – view of the art and science of mastering influence when it comes to connecting online.When you combine Dave’s personal experience with his raw creativity, exceptional training and passion to serve, your relationship can only benefit.Together, Dave & Katrina teach others to create their own Legendary Loves for Life by giving them the awareness and the tools that transform lives.

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