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Rootstech has many information sessions that are streamed live over the internet that may be of interest to our readers. Sweden – The Swedish National Archives made an announcement that all their digital archives are now available to search for free.

This is massive news for anyone with Swedish ancestors.

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Women age 21 or older were allowed to vote in 1928.These records can be searched by first name, last name, keyword and occupation. [Edinburgh Electoral Rolls] Ireland – The Irish Genealogical Research Society has released a series of free instructional how-to videos covering various aspects of researching Irish ancestors.The online videos cover the censuses of Ireland, Church of Ireland parish records and Roman Catholic parish records.For those who are not familiar with tithe maps, in England they were created following the .Basically, these are highly detailed maps by parish showing the individual plots of each landowner. The landowner was responsible for making a tithe payment of one tenth of the produce from the land.England – The Genealogist has added colour tithe maps for the county of Buckinghamshire.

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