Sex chat for women who like men jacking off


I have a good sense of humor and have been told I am easy to talk to and be around. We both love having bi sex and watching each other have fun with same/other sex! In the bedroom we have experiemented with toys, other women, etc. I like watching her eat and be eaten and my ultimate fantasy is to see her with someone and them using a strap-on with her. He never had the chance to experience the fun of watching two women and joining in and be with two women at the same time.

I have been divorced twice and I really miss having a stiff one to suck once in a while.

Then I time my orgasms to a man on camera or on the microphone.

I usually come so hard that I make a wet spot on my chair.

He would stop in the middle of telling me how he would like to lick me all over and ask ""do you want me to go on"" I would not answer so he just continued with telling me about all the dirty stuff he would like to do to me.

Then he asked me again and I did not answer so he said that unless I wrote the words ""fuck me"" on the screen he would not continue.

After listening for a few minutes and watching a couple of men jacking off on camera I get my silver bullet out and get naked.

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