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In Scotland, amongst other things, we have seen people healed from damaged liver, back pain, depression and allergies; and Healing Rooms around the world have documented cases of healing from HIV, various cancers and other 'incurable' conditions.

Ministries that operate out of Credo Aberdeen Healing Room What is a healing room?In many cases we can act through legal protection built into your individual insurance policy, while in certain circumstances we can also tailor fees to suit your situation.We have offices throughout Scotland, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Peebles and Galashiels offering an initial expert consultation with our employment law specialists at time convenient to you giving an immediate assessment of your case."...simply a place where people can come and receive healing prayer for any condition..." Healing Rooms are open to everyone, whether they have any church connection or not, and prayer is offered free of charge by small teams of trained volunteers who come from different local churches.We regularly see people being healed, sometimes instantly and sometimes over a period of time.Big Thank You if you can but don't worry if not!!! Julie, i have the 1881 census on disc for the whole of the british isles, and it is easy enough to search, thankfully.i can use full name, date and place of birth, or census area, or any combination of these.

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