Sex chart video without sinning up


The music video for the song was filmed in all black and white, just like "Born to Be My Baby." While the video does feature some shots of the band performing, primarily of Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora, most of the video focuses on a fictional young couple and their struggle to sustain a relationship despite the disapproval of the girl's strict catholic parents.

The video is noted for several of its steamy romance/sex scenes, including on a beach, in a car, and in a hotel room.

This version of "Get Down, Make Love" samples Dan O'Herlihy from The Cabinet of Caligari, as well as a brief snippet of "We Will Rock You" in the final seconds.

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On his last trip to Risa, Arandis ended up sending the elderly Curzon to his death during jamaharon.

It features two girls dancing with each other at the beginning, cutting to a black-and-white footage of a woman, naked except for what looks like straps to spelunking gear and a halogen lamp, walking a wrist-bound Trent Reznor with a bag over his head through what looks like an industrial warehouse complex and eventually to strap him into an Aerotrim where he spins him throughout the video.

These scenes are intercut with two young gay lovers, a man and woman wearing ritualistic dressings and dancing, as well as visuals of a pierced phallus and clitoris, all reflecting the song's dark, sexual aspects.

All three versions were produced by Keith Le Blanc and Adrian Sherwood of Tackhead.

"Get Down, Make Love" is a cover of the Queen song originally released on News of the World.

Its versions on the single differentiate heavily from the album cut, with more an EBM sound with distorted vocals and alternate instrumentation that became the foundation for its many live renditions, as opposed to the synth-pop style featured on Pretty Hate Machine.

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