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Suffice to say, it was the girls that triumphed and went on to enjoy massive careers, while the lads faded into obscurity.But don’t be fooled by her sweet, friendly nature: after allegedly falling out with bandmate Cheryl (who recently unfollowed her on Twitter) she threw some big shade on Instagram with a comment about karma… If her formative years are anything to go by, then we may see any number of wild antics go down in the CBB house.He has been living with his girlfriend in Los Angeles.He also told that she surprises him every day and makes his day more beautiful.But now as she’s grown up, Sarah’s long left her partying days behind; instead we reckon she’ll draw on her life experiences to work her way into people’s good books but won’t be afraid to speak her mind.If past gossip’s anything to go by (which, let’s face it, it shouldn’t be), then a lot of eyes might be on her when it comes to in-house romances.His father is also one of the best-selling New York Times authors.

""We've got a lot of time ahead of us to spend together but we've also got a lot of work on at the moment. "Initially there was no attraction to any of the boys, I was friends with them all but he soon became a very good friend to me and we had each other's backs.Speaking to the panel, Sarah opened up about the future of her relationship with her Big Brother beau, as she confirmed they were still giving it a shot.'It's going okay,' she said.'He's gone back to LA now so I don't know...' she added before trailing off.The news comes after the 30-year-old hunk was caught using dating app, Bumble, despite the new couple claiming they are in love with one another.But brushing the reports to one side, the former Girls Aloud star said that the pair are still in a relationship with one another and are seeing how things go.She loves to change the design of the house and manages her house regularly. However, there in no more information related to their love life. He had even shared some photographs of Lucy in his social media which grew the rumor about their affair.

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