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They cannot stand how Pisces can sit there and ignore the facts when they are presented.They cannot stand that Pisces tends to bend themselves around such facts to make the situation seemingly better for them.They do no good for each other if they try to shut the other one down.Their best bet is to let them live their lives the way they want to, occasionally returning to each other to give a synopsis of how things went.Pisces are also quite whimsical and keep on jumping from choice to choice or idea to idea.As a result, they often have trouble trying to figure things out but they are warmly tolerant and never become judgmental in any situation.They can always see their differences and can appreciate them in each other.In family relations and relatives, they are not much to see each other as Sagittarius keeps on moving around and hardly shows any interest in tugging in with old people.

Although Sagittarius finds their inner truth on this level and Pisces feels the strength from it, they share in the discoveries together.

Facts are facts to Sagittarius, and anything other than that irritates them to no end.

However, if they try, Pisces can learn from the Sagittarius and see the light of the truth and learn to deal with it instead of running away from it.

Sagittarians are the people who love life, good friends, good conversation and what lies ahead, altogether.

They are very easy going and extremely adventurous.

As parents, it is better to have Pisces parents and Sagittarius children as Pisces are over devoted and concerned.

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