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Check if your Windows Firewall is switched on In Windows 8 and Windows 7, go to Control Panel, select System and Security, then select Windows Firewall.

The Windows Firewall state is indicated under Home or work (private) networks.

Preventing Identity Theft Your identity is precious. Firewalls What a firewall is, and how it protects your computer.

Searching the Internet Search the Internet safely with our simple advice. When you use the internet, your browser (for example Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Safari or Firefox) keeps a record of which sites you have visted in its 'history'.

In Windows Vista, go to Control Panel, select Security, then select Windows Firewall. In Windows XP, go to Control Panel, select Security Center.

Bumble -- the dating app where women make the first move -- has launched its new service, Bumble Bizz, for finding career contacts.

Viruses & Spyware A basic understanding of computer viruses and spyware.

Wireless Networks and Hotspots Simple rules on setting up and using wireless networks and hotspots. You also need to take the other protective steps outlined on this website.

Spam & Scam Emails A few simple rules about dealing with spam and scam emails. When you use the internet, the websites you visit are visible to your Internet Service Provider, who will record details of your internet usage in accordance with legal requirements.

Use the Internet Safely It is very easy to clone a real website and does not take a skilled developer long to produce a very professional-looking, but malicious site.

Also, be sure to download and install the latest updates.

It is important to remember that turning on the private browsing setting or deleting your browsing history will only prevent other people using your computer from seeing which sites you have visited.

Hardware firewalls Medium-sized and large businesses may need a hardware firewall – in addition to personal firewalls – depending on the configuration of their IT infrastructure.

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