Rosario dawson dating french guy


It’s been more than one year since the break-up of Trance actress Roasario Dawson and Trance director Danny Boyle off-screen age-gap relationship.

Still, both of the celebrities are adopting mouth-closed strategy when someone asks them about the reasons of their breakup.

But, her fans are still trying to figure out what exactly she is looking in a man.

Also, she may not have ended all of her past relationships as some may have expired in a mutual understanding and some may be the case of betrayal by either sides.

When the news of the hot actress relationship with Slumdog Millionaire director Boyle started floating on the media in early 2013, it was obvious that the gorgeous Jessica was mesmerized by warm and mature personality of the world-famous director.

Also, she liked how the director took control and guided everyone including her in the process of creating the psychological thriller Trance.

And, it is Rosario who was craved by everyone from media to fitness industry in 2004 for her breathtaking portrayal of Roxana in the movie Alexandra.

PHOTOS: Ugly Hollywood breakups "She broke up with him," a source tells Us of Dawson and Schreyer. They were kissing and there was a point in the concert where Prince was calling people up on stage and they were up there holding hands.

"She was the one who ended it." According to another source, Dawson and Schreyer were "definitely together a few weeks ago at the [April 23] Prince concert in L.

However, this may also be the case of two professional discussing some acting projects.

Anyway, the simple fact is she has been in so many of unsuccessful relationships that she may likely enter into another serious relationship with lots of brainstorming.

Anyway, if she dated director Quentin Tarantino in her past, then Danny is not her first director boyfriend.

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